Sunday, September 25, 2005

Welcome to our subdivision.

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Friday, August 26, 2005


STRANGE THINGS HAD STARTED HAPPENING ALMOST FROM DAY ONE WHEN THE Tompkins moved into their new home in Huntington Station. They were too busy unpacking boxes to give much thought to misplaced items and unusual noises. The first event to be noticed and later recalled was newly planted shrubbery being uprooted over night. Being used to living in the city the Tompkins asked their rural neighbors if they had encountered similar problems? The neighbors told them it was probably an armadillo trying to get at something. “I’m no expert on armadillos but I know they don’t live underground” Martie said. The shrubs didn’t look like they were dug up it looked like they were pushed up from underneath. The Tompkins finally gave up on landscaping for that spot in the yard. The last straw was when the shrubs were left in the ground but died.
There were other strange happenings in the months to come. The kind of things that seems a little weird when you see or hear them but you just shrug off as settling in to a new place.
By January of 2002 both Keith and martie were experiencing vivid and disturbing dreams at night. You might say “everyone has nightmares occasionally.” Most people don’t experience the same dream, on the same night and wake up at the exact same time to recall every detail exactly the same. Keith works nights and came home one morning to find his wife in the back yard painting tombstones that she had carved out of Styrofoam. “What’s up?” he asked.” I just had an idea this morning that adding some tombstones to our Halloween decorations would be fun.”Keith pitched in and in no time the tombstones were painted and ready for Halloween
A few nights before Halloween the Tompkins once again shared an identical dream only this time unlike before the ghostly images spoke. The people in the dreams made no sense to the Tompkins they didn’t even look like they would be together in real life. Clowns and construction workers, farmers and beautifully dressed women, aliens and surgeons would appear in the dream together. This dream where the people decided to talk was disturbing and confusing. They all whispered the same words “our stories will be told. You must show them’
The Tompkins took the next two days researching on the internet to see if others had experienced this type thing. One dream expert advised the Tompkins to research the area they live in “look up any history or strange things involving the land you home is built on” he said. “Sometimes our minds reveal things to us through dreams” he added. The Tompkins decided to check out their little subdivision just for kicks. There was nothing on any public records but the elderly lady working at the records desk got a strange look on her face when they gave her the name of the subdivision. When asked if she was familiar with the area she told them it was land used for a farm. On the way home they laughed about why the woman looked so weird when she mentioned the land had been a farm. “Maybe she thought because we moved here from a big city that we would freak out about living on a farm,” keith said.
It was Halloween day and Keith and martie spent the morning making sure last night’s rainstorm hadn’t destroyed any of their decorations. To get in the Halloween mood the Tompkins decided to watch a scary movie while they ate lunch. Just as they had gotten comfortable and started watching the movie, the screen went blank and a voice said, “Stay tuned for an important announcement” keith and martie looked at each other and then the t.v. Suddenly on the screen in front of them were the same images that had haunted their dreams so many nights. This time the ghostly characters reenacted what had happened in their lives to take them from this world. The Tompkins sat mesmerized as one scene after another went by. The doorbell rang snapping the Tompkins out of their dream like state. When martie opened the door she realized it was dark outside and trick or treaters were waiting for candy. The kids commented on how cool the tombstones were and that they loved the scary costumes the people walking around were wearing. The Tompkins just assumed the kids were just having fun with the tombstones.
Halloween 2003 came and went but the strange occurrences and nightmares did not. The Tompkins hired an investigator to dig deeper into the farm their subdivision was built on. One Saturday evening in July he called the Tompkins to tell them he had uncovered information he wanted to share with them. Martie told him to come on over. Mr. Brown looked very tired and weary as he sat down and handed the file to Keith. “I have had a hard time getting this information for you because small town folks don’t like people asking a lot of questions’. Keith looked over the papers as Mr. brown gave a brief summary of what he had discovered. “It seems years ago that this land had in fact been a farm but not the kind you would expect.“ “It was a body farm” martie could not believe her ears. Until a few years ago she had never heard of body farms. “As you know dead bodies are donated to body farms and they are left out in the elements so that forensic scientists can study and record decomposition.“ The nightmares all made sense to the Tompkins now. No wonder some of the people in their dreams were from such varied walks of life. Of course some of the ghostly images appeared to be more decayed than others. The people in the nightmares were the residents of the body farm. The Tompkins paid Mr. Brown for his services and as he was leaving he said “ if I was you I would sell this house ASAP” The Tompkins knew they couldn’t sell their house and put some other unsuspecting family what they had been through. The t.v. Suddenly came on and once again they heard the familiar voice from before saying “stay tuned for an important announcement” this time only one ghostly form appeared on the screen. “I guess you have finally figured it out haven’t you?” “My name is James Huntington” “that’s right, just like the name of you subdivision.” Mr. Huntington proceeded to tell the Tompkins the story about the body farm. It seems Mr. Huntington owned the land and agreed to remain living in his home located on the property to be a caretaker of sorts. He had never married and the local towns people considered him scary. He was the person you heard all the tales of when you were a child. Mr. Huntington liked his job as caretaker. He only had to be bothered once a month when the students from the medical school in Atlanta came to look at the residents and record their facts and figures. Then there were the guys from the big company that bought his land dropping off new bodies. They weren’t the suit types they were just regular guys making a living delivering bodies. At one point bodies just started showing up. Mr. Huntington would be walking around checking on things and he would discover a body in a spot where there wasn’t one before. All areas had been given numbers and when the company guys delivered a new resident he recorded the date in his record-keeping book. “ I was lonely and started to think of the dead folks as my friends. You know what they say dead men tell no lies. The residents would tell me how they died and for years they were fine with their bodies being used for science.“ “When the unannounced folks started showing up things changed.“ Some of them were horrible people when they were among the living.” murders, crazy people, evil folks or folks who had died at the hands of evil people.” “I tried to tell the big company guys about the bodies just showing up but they thought I had just gotten too old to do the job and they put me in one of them old folks homes.” I tried to tell them I needed to stay and look after the good people to keep them safe but they told me not to worry they would handle it.” Mr. Huntington went on to tell the Tompkins that the company decided being in the body farm business wasn’t profitable so they sold the land to a developer who promised to have all bodies cremated before building. The developer in order to cut corners had someone just burry the bodies in a huge hole. Houses were built and sold to happy families proud to own a home. The house the Tompkins purchased was the last one built in Huntington Station. The Tompkins moved in in September of 2000 and in October of the same year their lives were changed forever. They had been chosen by the residents of the Huntington Station body farm to tell their story.
Each year the kids trick or treating at the Tompkins home and the adults who come to see the haunted house are entertained and amused by the creative goblins, aliens, clowns and other characters that martie and keith have come up with. Guests often ask, “How do you think this stuff up?” Keith and martie just reply “the ideas come to us in dreams or sometimes the TV. Inspires us.” “The Tompkins no longer have the nightmares and TV’s’ interruptions and as long as they do as they are told and tell the stories to show what must be shown, they will be allowed to sleep peacefully. As you walk among the different scenes at their home the Tompkins hope you will understand if some things are the same year after all they’re just doing what has to be done. When the resident being featured is satisfied that their story has been shown they will move on and since there were no records of many of the body farm residents the Tompkins have no idea how many years they will be the caretakers of the Huntington station body farm residents. If you look closely on your way out of the subdivision you may catch a glimpse of a former resident changing the letters on the street sign from Huntington station to hauntington station. Please come back next year and be sure to tell others what you saw so that one day keith and martie Tompkins can be free of their burden of caretakers of the dead end cemetery at hauntington station.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

FCG Crypt

The FCG crypt is made to disassemble easliy for storage.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cheap and Easy Mummy

The idea for the mummy came from The changes we made are: I glued the three sheets of styrofoam together , made a paper pattern by tracing my husbands form on a sheet of kraft paper, and transferred this to the styrofoam. Using a jigsaw on low speed , I cut the basic shape, and rounded the edges with a hot wire foam cutter. I did this to smooth out the edges of the foam. At the waist, I cut it in half and inserted a pipe into both sections, fixed in one side and loose on the other. In hind sight,I would use 2 smaller pipes instead of one to keep the pieces from turning. I used 2 blucky arms padded with batting or foam to get the right size you want. I used the wig head with a cheap mummy mask instead of the bucky skull. As for the wrapping, I cut shorter strips and used floral picks to hold the pieces in place instead of glue, so I could reposition as needed. As you're wrapping, make sure you leave room to take the body apart for storage (another reason I used floral picks). You can position the arms any way you want, I did it this way to help hide where the body parts are joined. As for the stone wall covering that was asked about, that was just scene setters tacked on the wall. If you have any questions email off list.

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