Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cheap and Easy Mummy

The idea for the mummy came from The changes we made are: I glued the three sheets of styrofoam together , made a paper pattern by tracing my husbands form on a sheet of kraft paper, and transferred this to the styrofoam. Using a jigsaw on low speed , I cut the basic shape, and rounded the edges with a hot wire foam cutter. I did this to smooth out the edges of the foam. At the waist, I cut it in half and inserted a pipe into both sections, fixed in one side and loose on the other. In hind sight,I would use 2 smaller pipes instead of one to keep the pieces from turning. I used 2 blucky arms padded with batting or foam to get the right size you want. I used the wig head with a cheap mummy mask instead of the bucky skull. As for the wrapping, I cut shorter strips and used floral picks to hold the pieces in place instead of glue, so I could reposition as needed. As you're wrapping, make sure you leave room to take the body apart for storage (another reason I used floral picks). You can position the arms any way you want, I did it this way to help hide where the body parts are joined. As for the stone wall covering that was asked about, that was just scene setters tacked on the wall. If you have any questions email off list.

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